Graco Magnum 390

Graco Magnum 390 Reviewed

Graco Magnum 390: Reviewed, Rated & Sprayer Comparisons

When you need a specialist airless paint sprayer, the Graco Magnum 390 is a viable alternative worth checking out.

With the ProConnect and the Endurance Pump, the Graco is made to last also after several years of effort. Learn more regarding this unique sprayer in our total testimonial guide below.


Concerning The Graco Brand name

Graco is the moms and dad company over several smaller sized business consisting of Magnum, Airlessco, QED Environmental Equipments, Sharpe as well as Advanjet. They’ve been a leader in the paint sprayer market for several years.

Many painting specialists, handymen, DIY-ers as well as house owners have actually concerned count on their unrivaled top quality and costs performance.

They are best understood for the extensive line of airless paint sprayers. Supplying a wide variety of dimensions and designs, there is an unit that will help anyone’s demands.

Some of their items consist of battery-powered airless sprayers, mechanical airless sprayers, light-duty electric airless sprayers, professional-grade electrical airless sprayers and more.

Quality Features Of This Sprayer

Let’s take a peek at several of the very best features of this sprayer.


There are 2 framework options with the Graco 390 sprayer. You can make use of the stand design which evaluates in at 30 pounds and provides a secure base. Additionally, it is made from chromed steel, offers a 4-leg layout as well as a cable wrap. The hassle-free lugging take care of makes it very easy to carry the sprayer wherever you go.

The HiBoy framework additionally considers in a simply 30 extra pounds, however it includes useful tires to make transport also less complicated. It resembles the stand in that it is made from chromed steel as well as provides the cable cover.


The configuration on this device will require a bit more effort than your typical house paint sprayer. That is easy to understand taking into consideration that it is a higher end design created for professional use. Even still, the established is easy to understand and directions are provided to aid you through the procedure.

Pump Replacement System

To help prolong the life of the machine, Graco uses the Pump Replacement System. There is no more any kind of reason to wait for the pump to be replaced when this process only entails 3 simple steps.

The substitute can be done in a minute’s time. This is fairly convenient when it comes to substitutes. You do not have to wait anymore time when replacing your pump unlike with other tools of the very same kind. This model additionally makes available the Stamina Currently program.

Pump Stamina

Along with the easy pump replacement, the Graco 390 also features Pump Endurance. The Stamina Pump includes a hard stainless steel cyndrical tube, long-life V-Max packings and Chromex rod. Additionally, the QuikAccess intake valve makes it easy to tidy or clear debris. The pump offers a life that lasts twice as long as numerous other brand names.

Pump Filter

The pump filter design is unique and helps in removing spills. The filter is embeded in a way that stops the material from breaking down throughout the procedure of paint surface areas. The big 7.8 square-inch filtering area additionally helps to lessen tip blockages to keep you running efficiently.

Pressure Changes

Component of the factor that this unit is thought about to be for professionals is that of the high-end stress changes used. With basic setup changes, it is easy to spray light or heavy materials in a pattern that you want.

This unit can quickly spray most enamels, discolorations, oil-based paints, latex paints as well as lacquers. Practicing with all these settings before handling a new job is constantly suggested. This will certainly help you finish the best finish feasible.

Suction Pipe

For less complicated painting, you can use the lengthy suction hose. This enables you to paint straight from a 1 or 5-gallon paint container. This saves time over the versions where you have to fill up the paint container on the device directly. Each time that container clears, it needs to be re-filled which uses up time.

The good news is, with this system, you can simply change to a new paint container when you require even more product.

Tidy up

Clean-up is very easy considering you do not need to filthy a paint container for procedure. Simply utilize the very same suction tube to clean the unit with the suitable product. Use water for cleaning when you have actually splashed water-based paints and mineral spirits when splashing oil-based products.


One of the very best aspects of purchasing from Graco is that there is a nice range of accessories that can be bought to make your tasks also easier. For example, you can acquire tip expansions to make reaching additionally.

On top of that, when you prepare to save your Graco sprayer, you’ll intend to utilize the specifically formulated Pump Shield for defense.

What Regarding Adverse Elements

While the Graco brand name offers a few of the best airless paint sprayers on the marketplace, there are constantly points that might be done much better. I have problem discovering much wrong with this system, to be honest, yet if I had to choose some problems, they would be minor.

Initially, the Graco 390 Airless sprayer is much more pricey than some other versions. This will certainly require the user to identify if the brand, support and quality of items is worth the additional money. Generally, I locate that acquiring a Graco sprayer is always worth spending a little bit extra on.

If the rate is too expensive as well as you feel that it is way too much device for you, it would make sense to decrease a couple of designs to something less expensive. Because case, you can choose the Graco Magnum ProX17 instead.

Additionally, this particular version is presently discontinued by the maker. This suggests that to acquire this design, you would need to count on third-party sellers. I will be discussing where you can purchase this unit in the future in the article in depth. If you are having trouble locating it, you may intend to opt for the Graco Ultra 395 COMPUTER instead.

What Is This Graco Version Made For Spraying?

The Graco 390 has numerous skills as well as means to aid you perform your work much easier. Below are several of the projects that you can utilize the sprayer for.

Interior Walls

This airless sprayer is developed to complete indoor wall surfaces with ease. This is specifically true of new construction before any type of furnishings obtains moved in. The device includes 50-feet of pipe which can be prolonged up to 300 feet if required.

Additionally, the lighter weight permits you to move the room conveniently. If you have things in the area you are repainting, make sure to appropriately cover everything to reduce damage from overspray.

Exterior Walls

Working outdoors is what this sprayer was developed for. It completes tasks in much less time than utilizing a brush or paint roller.

The Graco 390 can pump materials at 0.47-gallons per min so the project will be finished quickly.

It also reduces downtime that you can pull the materials straight from a 1 or 5-gallon container.

Finally, the system comes with a 50-foot tube, however you can prolong that out to 300 feet if needed.


The lower weight of the Graco 390 makes this unit perfect for painting fencings. You can likewise use it to pump most acrylic or latex paints and stains with ease.

With 0.47-gallons of product being splashed per min, envision just how rapidly your fence will certainly be finished. Avoid the paintbrush or roller as well as opt for a sprayer instead.


A deck is much like a fence with the materials and also treatments that will be used. Taking into consideration the Graco 390 can be made use of with approximately 300-feet of tube, this is the excellent remedy to finishing the deck tasks. Spray a range of materials easily as well as do not lose time brushing or rolling the stain on.

Garage Doors

One of the very first points that people will see pulling into a house is the garage door. If it is old looking as well as shabby, it is going to establish the whole impact for your house. Conveniently touch up your garage door by using a fresh paint work.

With the appropriate airless sprayer, this will take a fraction of the moment. Additionally, arrangement and clean-up will be a wind.

Property Management

As opposed to working with a person to do the work every time a home needs minor fixings or touch up work, utilize your very own paint sprayer. This will certainly save you cash as well as time as well as provide you manage over the preferred outcome. The airless paint sprayer will certainly spend for itself in simply a few tasks.


If you are a specialist service provider, you can finish the job in a portion of the moment by utilizing the Graco 390. That is due partly to the ability to spray 0.47-gallons per minute. It likewise has a great deal to do with the fact that you can spray directly from a 1 or 5-gallon paint container.

Graco’s Pump Replacement System additionally makes it simple to keep functioning regardless of the requirement to switch out pumps.

What Shouldn’t It Be Utilized For

Now you understand that I feel highly that Graco makes some of the very best airless paint sprayers on the marketplace. There are still some tasks that this model will certainly not be matched towards.


Airless sprayers, in general, are not the best alternative for spraying automobiles. Many airless paint sprayers struggle with overspray issues which is less than suitable when going for a thorough job on an automobile.

Using an airless sprayer to do the automobile’s paint job will call for even more preparation and also will create even more mess.

An HVLP paint sprayer is far better matched towards these tasks. They offer numerous weapon options to personalize the coating. They additionally supply detail work guns for the little crevices and also cracks that need to be repainted. For more concepts on which sprayer to purchase for your cars and truck, reviewed the most effective Paint Sprayer for Cars and trucks where we examine your best alternatives on the marketplace.

Furniture & Cabinets

Splashing cooking area closets with earlex paint sprayer
Similarly that an airless sprayer will not be best on lorries, it isn’t going to fit cupboard or furniture painting either. Once again, this goes back to the concerns with overspray and the requirement to invest more time preparing.

Utilizing an HVLP sprayer is the most effective option for repainting your family furnishings or closets. They are geared up to correctly deal with the information elements easily. In addition, the HVLP sprayers are quieter so they are suited for indoor job.

An HVLP paint sprayer will certainly finish the job quicker than with a roller or brush. If you need assistance figuring out the right design for your job, review our HVLP Paint Sprayer Reviews.

Graco Magnum 390 Compared With These Sprayers

The Graco Magnum 390 paint sprayer isn’t mosting likely to be for everybody. Allow’s have a look at a few various other alternatives as well as see just how they contrast.


The Graco 395 is a step up from the Magnum 390. It provides the very same 3300 PSI however has a 7/8-horsepower motor as opposed to the 5/8-horsepower the 390 offers.

This additional power makes it capable of spraying 0.54-gallons of material per min which is more than the 390.

You can also use a maximum suggestion dimension of 0.023 rather than the 0.021 of the Magnum 390. The Graco 395 is likewise on a stand for easy maneuverability yet it does consider about 42 extra pounds which is a rather big distinction from the 30 pound Graco Magnum 390.

The 395 features several of the very same devices like the ProConnect System, the Pump Replacement System and the Stamina Pump. In addition, it provides the SmartControl 1.0 which supplies a constant spray pattern. It additionally includes Advantage Drive solidified steel equipments which are quieter.

If you choose to upgrade to this design rather, keep in mind that you will certainly be investing about $150 more. You require to consider the extra attributes and decide if it deserves that much of a rate increase to you.

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum X5 is sort of like the 390 on a much smaller sized scale. In fact, it is geared toward house users as opposed to professionals.

If you recognize a DIYer, this would certainly be the ideal model for them. With that in mind, it isn’t effective or furnished enough to take care of the recurring misuse of specialist paint work.

It features a 1/2- horsepower motor that produces 2800 PSI and also can spray 0.24-gallons per minute. It additionally has a stainless-steel piston pump to spray unthinned materials at high stress. While it features the Flexible Suction Tube, it does not have the Pump Substitute System or the Stamina Pump.

It is likewise only recommended for up to 125 gallons of use each year. As opposed to supporting a 300-foot pipe, the Graco Magnum X5 can just sustain 75 feet. It likewise just supports approximately a 0.015 idea size making it geared to much smaller sized tasks.

The silver lining is that this system costs over $500 much less as well as only evaluates 13 pounds. It could make for an excellent back-up alternative for when you have simply a small task to complete.

Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer

An additional popular brand in expert spraying is Titan. The Titan Effect 440 is a comparable version which features a 7/8-horsepower electric motor. It can generate 3300 PSI and is capable of spraying 0.54-gallons per min.

The device weighs 35 extra pounds when acquired on the skid framework and also 59 extra pounds when utilized on the high rider framework. Much like Graco, Titan provides a wide variety of devices to add.

The Titan sprayer includes an LX-80II Spray Weapon, TR1 tip as well as a 50-foot pipe. It is made to spray up to 100 gallons each week and includes the AutoOiler which oiled the packagings with an easy button push.

The Titan sprayer additionally includes Digital Stress Control and Fast Tidy. For an extra thorough review of what the Titan 440 offers, be sure to review our total evaluation. Both the Titan 440 and also Graco Magnum 395 feature concerning the exact same rate.

Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer

The Magnum ProX19 sprayer is a minor step down in capability from the Magnum 390. For $200 less, you’ll get a 7/8-horsepower motor that creates 3000 PSI and also can spray approximately 0.38-gallons per min. It will just sustain as much as a 0.019 pointer size and also 150-foot pipe.

Regardless of the differences, there are some things both sprayers have in common. They both consist of a Pump Substitute System, attribute adjustable pressures as well as supply the versatile suction tube for easy paint from a 1 or 5-gallon bucket.

In addition, both Graco versions have been rated highly by clients as the majority of their items are. Keep in mind that the Graco Magnum ProX19 only has actually a yearly advised usage of 500 gallons.

This version would certainly work for both the specialist or home user that wishes to finish their very own jobs. To see some even more comparisons between airless paint sprayers, read our Airless Paint Sprayer Review

Where Can You Buy This Sprayer At Its Finest Price?

Graco Magnum 390 Paint Spayer

As we reviewed earlier in the article, this paint sprayer is actually stopped by the maker. That makes it hard to discover any kind of competition in pricing in between sellers.

Fortunately, Amazon still brings the Graco Magnum 390 offered by third-party merchants. Normally, the price on the stand style is normally around $850 while the HiBoy is about $150 more.

The nice feature of buying from a third party retailer from is that you are still backed by’s online reputation. You can obtain fast delivery and the very best price possible when purchasing from

If you pick to select one more merchant like to get the sprayer from a third party, you do not have the exact same defenses.


If you are a specialist contractor, having the Graco Magnum 390 will certainly make your job simpler which indicates you get back to life earlier. The exceptional functions provided with this Graco system blow the competitors out of the water.

On top of that, the simplicity of changing the pump and also splashing materials straight from the container will certainly take useful time off any type of job. By purchasing this Graco design, you are setting yourself up for success in all future paint tasks.

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