Best Waterproof Drones and Quadcopters

Best Waterproof Drones and Quadcopters

Drones are revolutionizing the way that we take photos, monitor geography, and perform aerial analysis. What used to take thousands of dollars to accomplish can now be accomplished at the cost-effective price of a drone. In yet another great review comparison, this one will cover some of Best Waterproof Drones and Quadcopters available in a variety of price ranges. You can also check out our best underwater drones comparison, which you’ll love.

Reviews of The Best Waterproof Drones

1. Cheerwing Syma X5C-1 Explorers 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera

Perhaps you’re looking for a high-quality drone at a budget price; something to use around the house as a hobby and for recreational purposes. If so, you might very well be interested in the Cheerwing Syma X5C-1 Explorers 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera. Available for a very reasonable price, it performs exceptionally well for a drone with its price tag.

Made from tough ABS plastic, this drone weighs in at 64.1 grams and measures in at 9.8 inches x 9.8 inches x 2.2 inches. Its relatively light weight and small size make it easy to move from place to place regardless of its user’s size. Available in either green or white, it possesses a stylish and cool aesthetic that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

This drone can take a beating and keep on ticking. Watch the video below as the JRRC H31 is stomped, kicked, tossed and submerged in water. After the all the abuse the quad amazingly keeps on flying!


To make it as consistent and reliable as possible, it’s equipped with a 6-axis flight control system. This helps to stabilize it and allow it to maneuver as seamlessly as possible. Possessing reasonably good connectivity, this drone works at distances of 70 to 80 meters away from its accompanying remote.

It makes use of a 3.7 volt 400mAh battery which will last for around 8 minutes on a full charge. Charging the battery takes around 60 minutes each time; a reasonable time compared to most drones. It should also be noted that this drone is equipped with anti-overcharge features, ensuring that the battery does not fry.

A very nice feature of this drone is its “one key return” feature. This feature returns the drone to you with the push of just a single button. This makes it very simple to operate regardless of your age or experience level.

If you’re looking for a fun water drone to use for recreational purposes, the Goolsky JJRC H31 Drone is the drone for you. Reasonably-priced, and possessing superb functionality for its price tag, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a good time operating it.


6-axis flight control system keeps it very stable

Operates at 60 to 70 meters from its remote control

Lightweight and easy to transport

Ridiculously durable


Not high-end quality

Some reported outages and malfunctions

Inconsistent battery power

2. Goolsky 353 Triphibian Waterproof QuadCopter

Maybe you’re looking for something that you can use around your house for recreational purposes that doesn’t force you to spend a lot of money. While not as cheap as the JJRC H31, the Goolsky 353 Triphibian offers more value for a price that isn’t that much more expensive.

Made out of tough ABV plastic, the 353 is equipped to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear. Obviously, as a waterproof drone, it is capable of performing in rainy weather. But when compared to something like the JJRC H31, the 353 does a much better job. Its ability to stabilize itself despite poor weather conditions, and its ability to survive total submergence makes all that more functional.

Measuring in at 20.9 inches x 12 inches x 5.4 inches and weighing in at 323 grams, this drone is quite a bit larger than the JJRC H31. While this makes it inferior for transportation purposes, it makes it far superior for overall functionality purposes.

Coming with a remote control which is powered by 6 AA batteries, this drone can be adequately powered from distances of 150 meters; a decent distance for a drone of its price range. It makes use of a 6-axis flight control system, keeping it stable, reliable, and consistent as possible at all times.

What really separates the Triphibian from the JJRC H31 is its maneuverability.

Whereas the H31 can really only move adequately in a forward direction, the Triphibian can move in a bevy of different directions whenever need be. This includes up, down, left, right, back, and forth at the flick of a button. It also possesses a one key return which will cause it to come straight back to you with the push of just one button. Essentially, it’s easy to operate regardless of your skill level.

A green and black drone, (also comes in orange and black) it possesses an attractive aesthetic that looks sharp and intimidating as it hovers through the air. For night use purposes, it possesses an array of LED lights. These lights flash periodically, allowing you to easily keep your eyes on your drone at all times.

All in all, the Goolsky 353 Triphibian is a terrific drone for anyone who wants to maneuver a drone of decent quality at a decent price ( one of best drones under 300). It’s certainly not a high-end drone, but it’s certainly not a low-end drone either. Possessing excellent waterproof, maneuverability, and functionality capabilities, it’s a solid drone for the home enthusiast.


Maneuvers very well for a drone in its price range

Can be submerged in water

6-axis system keeps it stabilized and balanced

Decent value for a decent price


Not a high-end drone

Might be a little expensive if you just want to fly for fun

3. Ruko F11 GIM2 Drone with 4K HD Camera for Adults

If you’re a photographer, or a farmer, or a business owner who has a need to monitor large areas of land from an aerial point of view and water is a possible hazard, you would be very well served by the Ruko F11 GIM2 Drone with 4K HD Camera for Adults, 9800ft Video Transmission, 3-Axis Gimbal (2-Axis + EIS Anti-shake)Quadcopter with 2 Batteries, Brushless Motor Level 6 Wind Resistance GPS drone. While much more expensive than the previous two drones on our list, it is designed for high functionality and performance.

Made out of tough, durable ABS plastic, this drone is equipped to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear, making its way through weather of all conditions with little struggle or hesitance. With stabilizer legs attached to its bottom, it can land softly on the ground and on many other flat surfaces.

It possesses quite a bit of battery power, capable of running for up to 19 minutes at a time.

Capable of floating on water, it’s completely waterproof, and can see underwater with its attached camera. This will allow you to perform a variety of different maneuvers.


The nice thing about this drone is that it includes a camera which is able to be completely submerged in water, so it easily makes the list of best waterproof drones on the market. To allow you to monitor what the camera catches in real time, this drone also comes with a large, color, 7-inch monitor.

This drone is as good at maneuvering as any drone you’re going to find. It can go a variety of different directions; up, down, sideways, forward, and back. Its return-home feature allows you to bring it back to you with the push of just one button. This makes it easy to use for users of all experience levels and lands on water.

Coming in a tough, hardshell carrying case, it’s beyond easy to store and transport to wherever it needs to go.

The practical applications for this drone are insane. Use cases for the Splash drone include, aerial water photography, drone fishing, drone water rescue, drone marine research, drone exploration and much much more.

Overall, the Splash Drone Waterproof AUTO ORANGE is a terrific drone for users of all kinds. Of course, the waterproof splash drone price tag is a little steeper than recreational drones. But if you’re trying to monitor land for professional use, this drone is more suited toward your needs.


Very heavy-duty construction

Comes with a waterproof 4k camera

Comes with a 7-inch monitor

19-minute continuous run time

Very easy to maneuver and use


On the expensive side

Not the absolute best drone on the market

4.Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone with 4K EIS UHD 130°FOV Camera for Adults Beginner

Next up on our best waterproof drones list is the Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone with 4K EIS UHD 130°FOV Camera for Adults Beginner, FPV Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, 2 Batteries 46 Min Flight Time, 5GHz Transmission, Smart Return Home, Follow Me . And if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to waterproof drones, you really need to consider the QuadH20 Drone. Possessing high-end, heavy-duty construction and excellent functionality, it’s expensive, but well worth the money.

Made out of a fiber composite, this drone is as tough of a drone as you’re going to find. Not only can it withstand a great deal of wear and tear, but it can also tread water as well as any drone on the market. Weighing in at 640 grams, it’s big, but capable of smooth and consistent flight.

This drone doesn’t quite possess as much flight time as the Splash Drone, but still offers around 10 minutes of continuous flight on a single charge. Where it truly excels is in its speed. At its max, it can fly at speeds of around 45 miles per hour.


Equipped with a Sony waterproof camera which is built into its interior, this drone captures brightly lit, color picture whether in the water or in the air. With a high-end, colored monitor included, it allows you to monitor what it sees in real time. This will allow you to make important decisions when they arise, and not later.

All in all, the QuadH20 Drone is a great drone for everyone. Not only can it be flown for fun and recreation, but it can also be flown for top-tier monitoring and photography purposes. Of course, it comes with a steep price tag. This might scare away some hobbyists. But if you’re a professional with a need for monitoring, it should be right up your alley.

Here you can see the QuadH2o making a water landing


Comes with a Sony waterproof camera

Includes a 7-inch, color monitor

Flies with a consistent and stable functionality

Very easy to use regardless of your experience level


Very expensive

Doesn’t possess as long a flight time as some other drones

Tips for Choosing the Best Waterproof Drone

A drone can be a big investment, and most experienced drone Pilots will urge you to avoid flying your new drone over the water. For some though, this simply isn’t an option as getting an incredible shot over the water shots is a must. if you’re one of these people there are waterproof drones available on the market. If taking shots of the water is one of the things you plan to do with your drone then there are a number of things to keep in mind when trying to select the right drone.

Take the Camera into Careful Consideration

One of the biggest things people think of when they’re buying a new drone is the camera. Everyone wants to get impeccable shots from the air and over the water but what features should you really be looking for in the camera on your drone? The first thing to consider is resolution.

720p and 1080p are common resolutions for most household televisions these days, however, 4K has been paving its way into the living room for some time now. For those of you who are professional content creators, it may be a good investment to look for a drone that has a 4k camera. This will ensure that your content gives your viewers the best possible experience and the larger resolution will offer you more creativity during the editing process.

Gimbal and Video Stabilization

The second element of the camera to consider is what’s called the gimbal. The gimbal is the arm on which the camera is attached and handles stabilizing the camera. Some drones feature 6-way gimbals which offer exceptional stability when recording even at high speeds and when changing direction. Depending on what you plan to use the Drone for these are all legitimate options.

Think about Range and Battery Life

On most drones range and battery life are closely connected. A manufacturer won’t make a drone that has a battery life too short to reach a drones maximum range and get back in time. Many drones on the market today due to the high power demand of powerful motors and high-resolution cameras have battery lives that can be as short as six or seven minutes. Others have battery lives as long as 20 minutes.

Depending on what you plan to do with the Drone take the battery life into consideration since getting shots at high altitude or far away will require more time in the air than simply playing in the backyard. Likewise, some drones have incredible range up to four miles while others can only go 30 or 40 yards from the pilot.

Water Landing Capabilities

While some waterproof drones are just normal drones that have been given a waterproof housing, others are specifically designed to take off and land from the water. For some getting a waterproof drone is just a safety measure to protect their investment since they know ahead of time that they’ll be taking shots over the water. If this is you, and you just want to make sure that in an emergency situation if your drone ends up in the drink that it’ll be okay then a drone that has no flotation devices for landing is acceptable. If you plan to be actually landing the drone on water, however, make sure the drone has flotation devices on the legs for landing. Without landing flotation devices the drone will be harder to take off and land from the water.

Feel the Need for Speed

Waterproof drones range in speed from relatively slow to incredibly fast. On the lower end drones cruise at about 5 to 10 miles per hour while at the top end of things some drones can exceed 45 miles per hour. While some pilots might not need this kind of speed some would find it essential for taking shots far out over the water in a reasonable amount of time. Alternatively, if your interest lies in drone racing then obviously the fastest drone possible is the one you want to get.

Look at Autonomous Features

Many drones these days come with a variety of autonomous capabilities that use onboard sensors to allow them to partially or completely pilot themselves. Many of these features come in the form of aids to new pilots such as automatic takeoff and landing or automatic collision avoidance which uses the onboard sensors along with the input of the pilot to make sure the pilot isn’t trying to fly the drone into something that is out of their sight but can be detected by the drone.

The sensors are also useful when trying to get smooth shots as some drones come equipped with automatic hovering or autonomous stabilization. If you’re looking for the most advanced autonomous features on a drone then drones with GPS receivers built in can pilot themselves in predetermined patterns or can sync with your phone to follow the GPS signal from that. What’s more, when looking for the best waterproof drone that follows you it’s a good idea to look for a drone that can follow without a GPS signal at all.

Make Sure you Know the Local Laws

Many states have been passing more and more laws recently regarding how and where you’re allowed to fly drones. Of course, around airports, there are always tight restrictions. In most cases, you can’t fly a drone near an airport at all while in some rare cases you can fly them at very low altitude. Also, in many states there are now laws restricting the flight of drones outside the of the line of sight of their pilot. This website is a great resource for learning about the drone laws in your area or areas you intend to go with your drone.

Think about Portability

If you plan to travel with your drone or take it on trips pay close attention to the dimensions and weight of the drone. Some waterproof drones have folding arms and propellers that can make them even more compact while others have long fixed arms that cause them to take up tons of space.

Waterproof Drones – Conclusion

Though they were once difficult for the public to get their hands on, drones are now available to just about everyone. With waterproof drones available at all different price ranges, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to afford a drone of your very own. Whether you’re an aviation hobbyist looking for a cool new toy, a photographer looking to take pictures from an aerial point of view, or a farmer looking to monitor your land, there is Best Waterproof Drones and Quadcopters for you. You can learn more about drones at the website

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